Baltic Sea Hydrographic Commission

BSHC Letter 2/2022, dated 3 June 2022

Statement by the Swedish Chairmanship of BSHC, in agreement with the Baltic Sea Member States of the European Union

Dear Baltic Sea Hydrographic Commission Member States representatives,

IHO Resolution 2/1997 (Ref. 2) encourages the establishment of Regional Hydrographic Commissions (RHC) by IHO Member States (MS) who have common regional interests in data collecting or nautical charting in a particular region. A key objective of Commissions is to promote technical cooperation in the domain of hydrographic surveying, marine cartography, and nautical information in support of safety of navigation and all other marine purposes. Commissions operate independently of the IHO and are governed by their own agreed-upon statutes.

The BSHC developed its statutes (Ref. 3), using Res. 2/1997 as a foundation, and are predicated on a spirit of friendly and cordial cooperation, and BSHC conducts its work with respect for the sovereign rights of Member States. Presently the Baltic Sea MS of the European Union have unanimously come to the conclusion that collaboration with the Russian Federation is considered no longer technically possible under the current situation in Ukraine.

In order for the work of the Commission to continue the Baltic Sea Member States of the European Union which are also BSHC MS (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Poland and Sweden) and BSHC associated MS (Lithuania), after intense reflection, have decided to temporarily suspend all of their BSHC-related activities with the Russian Federation. This decision comes into force at the date of this letter and will be evaluated continually vis-à-vis the international situation.

During this period, the BSHC remains committed to carefully monitor the situation in the Baltic Sea in order to provide any potential contribution to maintain the safety of navigation and to safeguard the protection of environment.

Magnus Wallhagen

BSHC Chair

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