Baltic Sea Maritime Safety Information Working Group (BSMSIWG)

Operational points of contact for National co-ordinators

Denmark+45 7285 (office hours) (24h)Link
Estonia+372 6205 665navinfo@transpordiamet.eeLink
Finland+358 204 48
Germany +49 4927 1877283 Link
Latvia +371 67 32 31  sar@mrcc.lvLink
Lithuania +370 5 278 56 01 (office hours) Link
Poland +48 261 266 Link
Russian Federation+7 812 717 59 Link
Sweden +46 771 63 06 Link

BSMSIWG Meetings

BSMSIWG1: May 26, 2020 – Virtual meeting
BSMSIWG2: November 27, 2020 – Virtual meeting

Attachment 1, Presentation S-124Project Team
Attachment 2, Tallinn Radio NAVTEX transmitter field strength measurements
Presentation of Navtex reception from Norderney in Germany
Femernbelt Tunnel Project Denmark – Germany

BSMSIWG3: May 28, 2021. Virtual meeting
BSMSIWG4: September 8, 2022. Virtual meeting
BSMSIWG5: June 28, 2023. Virtual meeting

Reports from this working group

Baltic Sea sub-area self assessment reports to WWNWS
(Sub-Committee on the World-Wide Navigational Warning Service)

Reports to BSHC
(Baltic Sea Hydrographic commission)


Danish Maritime AuthorityMichael
Rasmus Madsen
Estonian Transport AdministrationGabriela
Tallinn Radio, State Infocommunication Foundation (RIKS)Siim Valgevä
Weather Service of Estonian Environment AgencyTaimi
Finnish Transport and Communications Agency TraficomJanne
Janina Tapia
Robert Qvarnströ
Juho Pitkä
Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI)Antti
Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie (BSH)Elena Maria
Deutscher WetterdienstCarola
Thies Schlü
Generaldirektion Wasserstraßen und SchifffahrtHenning
Petra Mü
Hydrographic Service, Maritime Administration of LatviaBruno Spels (National Co-ordinator) +371 26319865
Aigars Gailis (Substitute National Co-ordinator) +371 26449924
Lithuanian Transport Safety AdministrationMindaugas
Asta Lučkienė
The Norwegian Coastal AdministrationTrond
Nautical Information Department (HOPN)Dariusz
Maritime Office in Szczecin Marine Hydrographic DepartmentAndrzej Dołgopoł
Russian Federation

All BSHC-related working group activities with the Russian Federation are temporarily suspended.
Refer to IHO-BSHC website for more information.

Department of Navigation and Oceanography, Ministry of DefenceNo registered
State Reseach Navigation- Hydrographic InstituteNo registered member
State administration of seaports of the Baltic SeaNo registered member
Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA)Johan von Bültzingslöwen (Chair) (National and Baltic Sea Coordinator)
Agneta Hedströ
Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI)Lisa
The United Kingdom
The United Kingdom Hydrographic OfficeChristopher Gill (Navarea I Coordinator)
Matthew Sheldon (Deputy Navarea I Coordinator)
Neil Salter (Chair of the IMO Navtex Co-ordinating Panel)
UK Met OfficeNick

Terms of Reference (with amendments)

a) To facilitate that the GMDSS MSI services in the Sub-area are arranged in compliance with the regulations and recommendations of the IMO, IHO and other relevant organisations.
b) To facilitate cooperation concerning technical and administrative matters related to the MSI service.
c) To facilitate the exchange of information about events that could affect safety at sea within the Sub-area.
d) To facilitate the exchange of advice concerning all aspects of MSI work.
e) To facilitate harmonization of new and existing methods that make MSI and other relevant information to shipping available by means other than GMDSS.
f) To evaluate and compile views on new and changed methods of providing MSI and to forward these to the relevant body.
g) To exchange information about major planned operations at sea that are expected to affect international shipping in coastal waters of neighboring countries.
h) To discuss and summarize the Sub-area’s common views and suggestions for changes to regulations and recommendations, to be forwarded to WWNWS-SC by Sweden.
i) To coordinate and harmonize applicable S-100 based MSI services in the Baltic Sea sub-area following the IHO S-100 Roadmap.

The working group should report to the BSHC Conferences.

Rules of Procedures

a) Membership is open to member states and associate member states of the BSHC. Each member state shall be represented by governmental organizations dealing with MSI and/or other relevant information to shipping. The National Coordinator of Norway, the NAVAREA I Coordinator, the IMO Navtex Coordinating panel and other relevant official international bodies could also be invited to the BSMSIWG meetings and may be consulted through correspondence.
b) Non-governmental organizations may attend meetings wholly or to the extent decided by the chair.
c) BSMSIWG meetings should be held at least once per year.
d) Interim meetings may be held at the discretion of the Chair.
e) At the end of a BSMSIWG meeting, the approximate time, type and location for the next meeting should be decided.
f) A preliminary invitation for in person meetings, including, dates and location should be sent out by the Chair or Secretary by e-mail at least 5 months before the meeting.
g) A preliminary invitation to virtual meetings including date should be sent out by the Chair or Secretary by e-mail at least 2 months before the meeting.
h) The final invitation, including logistic information, a first draft agenda, a request for additional agenda items, a national report, and other papers, should be distributed not later than 3 months before in person meetings and 1 month for virtual meetings.
i) The BSMSIWG chair should be proposed by the WG and thereafter elected by the BSHC conference. The secretary should be elected by the WG.
j) The agenda should be adopted at the beginning of the meeting.
k) Decisions should be made through consensus among the BSHC Member States.
l) Decisions and agreed upon actions made during the meeting should be summarized at the end of the meeting and included as an annex to the minutes.
m) The draft minutes shall be distributed within six weeks of the meeting’s conclusion. Comments should be returned no later than three weeks after the distribution of the draft minutes.
n) The continued existence of BSMSIWG and the Terms of Reference shall be a standing point on the agenda. Any suggestions for changes should be addressed by the chair of the working group to the chairman of the following BSHC conference.

Useful links

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BALTICO Meetings

2018 meeting – Summary Report
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