Baltic Sea International Chart Coordination Working Group (BSICCWG)

“Coordinates production and development of nautical charts in the Baltic Sea”

Terms of Reference

(Approved by the BSHC 23rd Conference, 27-29 August 2018)

The Working Group should

  • To study issues related to nautical charting of the region, in particular to coordinate the allocation of production responsibilities for paper and electronic charts (INT charts and ENC), that support ships engaged on international voyages.
  • To develop and maintain an integrated international chart scheme for the region.
  • To provide advice on chart schemes to individual Member States, in order to encourage adherence to IHO charting regulations, specifications and standards, and to promote and coordinate the production of international (INT) charts and ENC.
  • To coordinate the development and maintenance of small / medium scale ENC schemes, by regional agreement. To report yearly to the BSHC on the status of the implementation of ENC harmonisation actions.
  • To provide advice to IHB on any amendments required to maintain S-11 Part B: Catalogue of International Charts (for example, scale, limits, numbering) and, as appropriate, any corresponding ENC catalogue.

Complete Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure











Mr. Kell Torp Jensen

Ms. Gabriela Kotsulim

Mr. Jukka Helminen

Ms. Sylvia Spohn

Ms. Linda Purina

Ms. Alla Bira

Mr. Jacek Kijakowski

Capt. Sergey Egorov

Mr. Stefan Cederberg

Mr. Nikolaj Møller

Ms. Maris Akkerman

Mr. Jarmo Mäkinen (Chairman)

Ms. Ilze Driksne

Mr. Mindaugas Zakarauskas

Mr. Adam Klosinski

Ms. Elisabeth Farrington

Mr. Normunds Duksis

Mr. Emilis Tertelis


BSICCWG9 24-25 May, 2023 Rostock, Germany

BSICCWG8 Meeting, 13 Sept 2022 (Extra-ordinary meeting), VTC

BSICCWG7 19-20 May 2021 VTC Meeting

Limits of the Baltic Sea

BCICCWG6 2019 Riga, Latvia 3-4 April 2019

BSICCSWG5 2017 (21-22 November) Gdansk, Poland

BSICCWG4 2016 (30 November-1 December) Tallin, Estonia

BSICCWG3 2015 (20-21 October) Copenhagen, Denmark

BSICCWG2 2014 (2-3 April) Helsinki, Finland

BSICCWG1 2011 (9-10 June) Norrköping, Sweden

Baltic Sea ENC Harmonization Recommendations