Monitoring Working Group (MWG)

Terms of reference

(based on MWG TORs as approved by BSHC 13th Conference, 20 August 2008, updated on 20 Sept 2017 by BSHC22

  1. To maintain the Baltic Sea Harmonised Re-survey Scheme
  2. To maintain the re-survey metadata database
  3. To monitor the progress of the execution of the Harmonised Re-Survey Scheme
  4. To identify possible problems and propose solutions or workarounds to them
  5. To specify and propose updates and changes to the Harmonised Re-Survey Scheme
  6. To liaise with national Maritime Administrations, HELCOM Secretariat, and other relevant organisations.
  7. To support IHO working groups and other European projects in issues concerning IHO S-44 and survey status. Any official decisions shall be brought to BSHC Conference to be decided.
  8. The MWG should report to the BSHC at least once a year.

Future work

  • MWG will continue to monitor the progress of the HELCOM Re-survey Scheme and follow Re-Survey Database development. It is of importance to have the database and interface operate reliably.
  • Continue cooperation with future possible EU CEF, TEN-T and EU REGIO funding projects concerning Re-Surveys in the Baltic Sea.
  • Follow up HELCOM Head of Delegates outcome item 6.57 on the need of updating Re-survey plan and perform Re-surveys especially in areas in South-Eastern Baltic, where AIS-records show commercial shipping taking place and which areas are not nationally categorized as HELCOM cat I or cat II areas.
  • Continue cooperation and information exchange with NSHC.
  • Continue communication with relevant organisations and inform users by giving presentations and participating in relevant conferences, such as HELCOM Maritime and EU BSRS PA Safe Steering Committee (as Harmonized Re-survey Scheme has a Flagship status within EU).
  • To follow up the approval of IHO S-44 ed 6 and to implement it to the hydrographic work within the Baltic Sea.


DK: Mr Lars Hansen, Mr Jesper Vedel

EE: Mr Peeter Väling

FI: Mrs Maarit Mikkelson (Chair), Mr Seppo Mäkinen (Secretary)

GE: Ms Cindy Niemeyer, Mr Jean-Guy Nistad

LV: Mr Aigars Gailis, Mr Bruno Spels

LT: Mr Emilis Tertelis, Mr Mindaugas Zakarauskas

PL: Mr Witold Stasiak

RU: n/n mail to &

SE: Mr Anders Åkerberg, Mr Hans Öiås


  • MWG22, 26 April 2021, videoconference (SKYPE) hosted by Finland
  • MWG21, 24 March 2020, videoconference (SKYPE) hosted by Finland
  • MWG20, 19 September 2019, Gdansk, Poland
  • MWG19, 19 April 2019, Tallinn, Estonia
  • MWG18A workshop, 14 November 2018, Riga, Latvia
  • MWG18, 27 August 2018, Aalborg, Denmark
  • MWG17, 7 March 2018, Malmö, Sweden
  • MWG16, 21 September 2017, Rostock, Germany
  • MWG15, 8 March 2017, Malmö, Sweden
  • MWG14, 11 November 2016, Rostock, Germany
  • MWG13, 10 February, 2016, Norrköping, Sweden
  • MWG12, 17 June 2015, Riga, Latvia

Circular letters