First Baltic Sea Strategic Correspondence Group Meeting

On the 15th of March 2023 the BSHC MS at HO management level had a strategic meeting to secure that BSHC is working in accordance with the IHO Strategic Plan. In November 2022 IMO agreed upon the S-100 standard for the next generation of navigational products. BSHC needs to make certain the these new S-100 products are implemented in a coordinated and harmonized way in the Baltic Sea, respecting the IMO time table. The Strategic Correspondence Group discussed how the BSHC Working Groups could be tasked to take responsibilities for different parts of this implementation. New Terms of References for relevant Working Groups will be proposed to BSHC including the S-100 scope.

An image showing the different S-100 based standards for navigation
Illustration of the different S-100 based standards for navigation. Click to watch a short video about the S-100 standards.