Baltic Sea Chart Datum 2000

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The Baltic Sea Chart Datum 2000 (BSCD2000) is a geodetic reference system adopted for Baltic Sea hydrographic surveying, hydrographic engineering, nautical charts and publications. It is based on the definitions for the European Vertical Reference System (EVRS). The height reference surface of BSCD2000 is the equipotential surface of the Earth’s gravity field. The zero level of BSCD2000 is in accordance with the Normaal Amsterdams Peil (NAP). The reference epoch for height and depth changes due to the postglacial land uplift in Fennoscandia is 2000.0. Mean sea level and difference to the old reference datum relative BSCD2000 (pdfpng) currently varies from a few cm at the entrance to maximally approximately 25 cm in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

BSCD2000 is about to be adopted as unified chart datum by all the countries around the Baltic Sea and also agrees with the national height systems used on land. BSCD2000 will facilitate effective use of GNSS methods like GPS, GLONASS and Galileo for accurate navigation and hydrographic surveying in the future. A more detailed specification of the BSCD2000 can be found here.

Download of the BSCD2000 geoid model

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